6 Essential Dressmaker's Rulers and Tools for Pattern Drafting

By Metro Rulers

Pattern drafting can’t be thought without the use of correct tools, which also requires proper skills and techniques to draft a pattern accordingly.

Here are few tools which are indispensable for pattern drafting and can make your patterns precise.

1.       Arm Hole Curve

This Curve can almost replace a set of French curves which makes it essential tool for fashion designer and pattern maker.

This French curve is used in drawing and measuring the neckline, armhole, sleeve caps, pocket contours and also many wide range of curves which makes it as crucial part of pattern maker.

2.       L- Squares

One of the most vital tool for pattern makers, used for drafting patterns. This ruler helps creating accurate 90o angles and straight edges wherever needful.

Here are the two L-squares by Metro Rulers one of 14” x 24” and other of 12’’ x 6” included in the fashion designing rulers kit.

3.     Long Vary Form French Curve

This French curve is an essential tool for pattern drafting, it helps in shaping various curves and is usually used for lapel, elbow, necklines anywhere such curve is required.

4.     Hip Curve

Curve stick or Hip Curve is an indispensable tool for any pattern maker which is used in making hip curves, lapels, trousers, and such long graceful curves in drafting patterns.

5.   Tracing Wheel

It is used in transferring the markings from pattern to fabric and retracing the patterns.

6.    Center finding Ruler

This ruler is ideal for finding center between two points it eliminates dividers, guesswork and assist in finding accurate center.

Once you get accustomed to the tool you’ll find it’s the most helpful tool for designing and drafting patterns.

Pattern Drafting Rulers Kit


Metro Rulers fashion designing rulers kit includes all such tools and equipment used for Tailoring and Fashion Designing along with carryall Portfolio Bag. The Metro Rulers Kit is made from high-quality aluminum which helps pattern makers through its lightweight and helps them measuring precisely.