Importance of Pattern Drafting & its Techniques.

Pattern Drafting is an important part of fashion designing and requires tremendous skills and practice.

By Metro Rulers

Pattern Drafting is an important part of fashion designing and requires tremendous skills and practice. Pattern drafting is where pattern pieces are drawn on paper according to body measurement which becomes the base for designers to create garments. There are various techniques that professionals use, some of them are:

Tracing: This is one of the easiest technique that is used. In this method a garment (similar to what a designer wishes to create) is placed flat on a paper and the pattern is traced. Some space is left to add-on seam of the garment. The tracing technique works best for garments with minimum shapes and is considered to be one of the best technique for beginners.

Creating a Sloper: This is a slightly complex method in pattern drafting. Slopers, also named to as ‘block patterns’ or ‘fitting shells’, are extremely close-fitting garments with no ease movement. A sloper is the building block from which a designer can make any number of patterns. There are two ways to achieve a sloper: one is to find ample free sloper patterns online or can be created from scratch. Creating a sloper from the scratch requires a good knowledge for geometry as well as maths.

Software: Nowadays, professionals mostly use software’s to create pattern drafting. Some of the best softwares that professionals use are Pattern Master, DesignSew, Gerber Accumark and more.

These techniques for pattern drafting have been observed by professionals for quite a while now. But pattern drafting as a profession is still in its developing stages. However some of the techniques have been used for decades and the, things are changing for the aspiring designers.

Become a Pattern Drafters

Today pattern drafters are earning importance in the world of fashion designing. There are various avenues that are opening up according to Mr. Maheshbhai, owner  of Metro Rulers – Fashion designing Rulers kit  says, “Pattern drafters are the creators of fashion designing and tailors are the one that make the designers dream into reality.”

Designers, today have various career opportunities like a fashion Consultant, professional pattern grader, consultant pattern drafter, garment pattern master.

Essential tools for pattern drafting are:

  1. Colour pencils (red and blue)
  2. Center Finding Rule 12″ 
  3. French Curve 12″ 
  4. Vary Form Curve Rule 24″ 
  5. Hip Curve 24″ 
  6. Tracing Wheel 
  7. Marking Awl
  8. L-Square Big 24″/14″
  9. 9.​L-Square Small
Pattern Drafting Rulers Kit


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