Pattern Drafting Tools and their Uses

Creating tailoring pattern can’t think without pattern drafting tools. 

By Metro Rulers

Creating tailoring pattern can’t think without pattern drafting tools. You’ll need the right pattern drafting tools to make perfect clothing or patterns. The designer should know about all pattern drafting tools uses and functions. In this article, I have discussed all pattern drafting basic tools and supplies with function.  

List of Pattern Drafting Tools and Their Uses for Fashion Designers.

Pattern Drafting Tools:

Drafting equipment is used for making paper patterns. This is the second stage of pattern making. Using the measurements taken, the drafting is carried out according to the design of a garment. The following drafting equipment is used:

1. L-scale

It is also called a triscale or L-scale and is made of wood or steel.  L-scale has one arm, which measures 12″ and the other  is 24″. Basically used for drafting on brown paper to draw perpendicular lines.  L – scale is one of the basic of the pattern drafting rulers. This ruler helps to draw accurate 90° angles and straight edges. It measures, rules, and squares jointly.

2. Leg shaper

 It is made of wood or plastic. Either or  24″ or 36″ lengths are available. It’s used to measure and shape the interior part of the leg.

3. Tailor’s art curve

Tailor’s art curve is used to draw curves in the drafting and is made of plastic or wood.

4. French curve

French curve is made of transparent plastic. It helps in marking shapes of the neck, depth of sides and garments bottom. Essential tool for perfect shaping armholes, necklines, and collars.

5. Compass

 It is mostly used for making a curve for umbrella cloth.

6. Drafting table

It’s a wooden table of 3′ height, 4′ wide and 6′ long. The surface of table should be smooth and firm.

7. Brown paper

Paper is used for drafting by placing on the drafting table. While using brown paper, a grain line should be tracked.

8. Pencil

Pencil is used to marking on brown paper

9. Rubber

Good quality rubber, which does not leave black lines, should be used.

10. Red and blue pencils:

These pencils are used for marking on fold (red line) and grain line (blue arrow).

11. Awl

A handy tool and often neglected, the awl will pierce a small hole in your pattern to indicate the end of a dart, pocket, trim, or button hole. The awl is also handy for scoring paper to fold, and also “walking” your measuring tape around curves for accurate measuring.

12. Tracing wheel

Pointed and very sharp tracing wheel transfers marking onto a clean sheet of paper. Tool is often used when retracing patterns or when transfer draped muslin onto paper.

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